“You’ve shown us the value of this kind of help going forward…”


Image:  Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

Deliver more together

You know the value of an optimised leadership team working together to deliver. You know that an organisation is only as strong as its leadership team and the difference an aligned, engaged and motivated leadership team can make to organisational growth and results.You want your team to perform as more than the sum of its parts, to collaborate more effectively and to deliver more for all your stakeholders.

Every leadership team is different and I partner with each team to help them to deliver the results they need in the most effective way, whether that’s a bespoke Team Coaching programme or team away days, retreats and workshops. My organisational, team coaching and mediation training and experience enable me to help you deliver significantly improved outcomes. As the quotes below show, leadership teams who’ve worked with me have been delighted with the impact or our work together – they report measurable gains in performance, increased clarity, improved results, greater cohesiveness and more effective execution.

Every leadership team with which I’ve worked has re-engaged and/or recommended me for further work.

The team coaching that I offer has enabled the leadership teams with which I have worked to achieve exceptional results including

  • – Working with a Board and Senior Leadership Team of a world leading organisation to develop a pioneering vision and strategy delivering measurable growth and innovation
  • – Partnering with a Leadership Team to launch a highly profitable new client initiative
  • – Preparing a scaling FinTech team for successful acquisition and integration
  • – Helping the Board and Leadership Team of a leading non-profit to align and deliver on mission, values and future strategy

Thinking Together

“The team felt more confident to express their views and to contribute…”


Whether it’s organisational politics, clashing personalities, diverse working styles, confused agendas or major change, too many leaderships teams are just a number of individuals pulling in different directions and holding back the organisation as a result. Without exception, the teams with which I work develop deeper understanding of each other and more effective shared clarity around how to work better together and to deliver more as a result.

“Though we regularly sit in meetings together, it was different to work together in such a focussed way….”

leadership team coaching participant

Engaged to Execute

Too often leadership teams are held back by an unspoken but deeply damaging lack of engagement with each other and with their broader purpose, tasks and organisation. Every team I work with executes on their priorities in more effective ways as a result of our work together, they develop a shared understanding of what effective team engagement looks like and how best to build it and use it as a driver of growth and improved results..

“You ensured key voices were heard and…understood the dynamics of the group…”


Actively Aligned

“It was actually a lot of fun. The different things that you got us to try enabled us to talk together as a Board and to listen to one another well.”


Misalignment and a lack of clarity is one the biggest obstacles to maximum effectiveness as a leadership team. Alignment doesn’t mean blind compliance and leadership teams with whom I work learn not to be afraid of difference and tension or to be caught in the same old (spoken and unspoken) conflicts. Instead, they learn to listen to each other, to stop being stuck and to collaborate and act decisively.

“We discovered that perceived differences of view were not as extreme as we had thought…you led us through the process with sensitivity …but always moving us forward to the end point.”

Motivated for More

“…Everyone is now behind the new strategy and we are able to move faster.”


The Team Coaching I offer builds both individual and team self awareness of how to engineer and drive sustainable success long after I’m gone. Every team with which I work develops a roadmap as well as a clear sense of roles, responsibilities and rewards which keeps them motivated to deliver way beyond our work together; they report an increase in team energy and momentum which translates into action and measurable results.

“Thanks to your support, we now have a clear new strategy that the whole leadership team supports because they were part of the development process…”

leadership team ceo