Equipping you for change at work…now more than ever

Image: Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

“This is needed now more than ever…”

Why now more than ever?

The quote above came from a client towards the end of a coaching call in March 2020 just a few days after her employer had made the decision (for only the second time in its 100 year history) to close its doors and institute remote working in the face of COVID-19. This client leads a high performing team at a top-rated, highly interactive organisation and suddenly found herself committed to delivering the same value to anxious stakeholders with reduced resources from her home.

Our coaching call had been booked as part of an organisational programme for middle leaders before COVID-19 reared its ugly head but she recognised the added value coaching was bringing to her at a time of such unexpected and dramatic change at work.

It was a privilege to serve her and other leaders in her organisation that day as it has been to serve clients more widely in the face of the unprecedentedly rapid change which COVID-19 has brought.

The right time

Here are some of the questions clients are asking at the moment. “How do I lead my team remotely?” “How do I plan for the future when it is so uncertain?” “How do I calm anxious stakeholders?” “How do I have difficult conversations with members of my team/ clients/ suppliers?” “How do I keep a sense of perspective in all of this?” “How do I think more than one day ahead?” “Will my job/ business survive?” The coaching that I offer isn’t about trite advice or simplistic answers. It’s about agency. It’s about cutting through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and other challenges to bring you to a clarity about your options. It’s about enabling you to find a way forward which you generate and to which you can authentically commit.

RWilliamsCoaching has always been about helping individuals and organisations make the right changes at work. The world is always changing and, right now, as every individual and business is having to rethink what they do and how they do it, it feels like more relevant than ever to offer clients the opportunity to make, manage and master change at work.

The right place

It’s always been possible to access my coaching remotely, from one-to-one coaching to organisational and team workshops and programmes and, over lockdown, many clients have taken advantage of coaching over audio and video calls to clarify thinking, understand options and use capabilities to move forward through change.

Depending on the unfolding situation, it’s also becoming possible in some cases to see clients face to face again in appropriately socially distanced ways. Either way, we can work together to work out the best way to work together.