Image: Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

What is ONION®?

ONION® is a self-coaching framework developed to help teams and individuals to break down and successfully tackle complex work and business challenges leading to more effective decisions and increased performance and results.

Who is ONION® for?

ONION has been successfully used by everyone from leadership teams of globally-recognised organisations to individuals looking to make the next step in their career. ONION® is for you if you recognise a need for deeper clarity at work and are keen to do the work required to move forward and make significant progress.

How does ONION® help?

ONION has successfully enabled a number of users to achieve effective and actionable clarity on two key levels – Big Picture clarity and Next Step clarity by providing a clear and flexible framework to help them to move from complexity to clarity and from stuckness and stagnation to effective action.

How does ONION® work?

ONION consists of five layers; each layer relates to the others simply, flexibly and iteratively. You start by clarifying and defining the Outcome you want and end by clarifying and committing to Next Steps which will get you there.

How can I access ONION®?

You can get a taster of ONION® by downloading the free Introduction to ONION®workbook here. For more ONION® resources and to understand how ONION® could improve your work or business outcomes get in touch.