Asking for help at work is vital for success but can be hard to do…here are 5 ideas to make it easier

Image courtesy of: Andreea Avramescu on Unsplash

We all need help at work – to grow, to develop new skills and to discover key information, to build our networks, to deliver projects, to offer perspective and provide accountability. And yet, for all that, we are often loath to ask for the help we want and need. It’s an issue I work on with even my most succesful clients. However briefly or long you’ve worked somewhere, whatever level you are, whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else, learning how to ask for help at work can be a game-changer. There’s definitely a skill to it but, for those willing and brave enough to learn, I’ve seen it bring great results for my clients time and time again.

Here are five tips to help you to develop this key skill:

  1. Think about the the sort of help you’d like and the impact of receiving it. The clearer our request, the easier it is to grant it.
  2. Make sure you set boundaries around what you request. Someone may offer you ongoing help but open ended requests can be scary.
  3. Say thank you. I’ve highlighted the power of gratitude at work here.
  4. Sometimes, instead of asking for feedback, it can be more effective to ask for someone’s help or advice.
  5. Be relaxed about hearing “No!”. Sometimes, people genuinely can’t give us what we want or they’re swamped  – there’s still value (for us and for them) in a well framed request.

The key is to be thoughtful, intentional and less fearful. This edition of “To Be Clear…” deals with some of the most common fears which get in the way of asking for help at work as well as some help with reframing and tackling them.

Help is at hand…five tips for asking for help at work