Equipping founders and entrepreneurs to start, scale and thrive

Image: Charlota Blunarova

As a founder myself and someone who has worked with a number of entrepreneurs and business owners and starters, I have seen and experienced the value that the right coaching can bring to founders and entrepreneurs as they start, scale and manage businesses through intense change and challenge.

Clients in this space tell me that coaching from someone who understands their challenges but who has no stake in their business has been game changing in the high pressure environment of starting and growing a business.

An independent sounding board, a listening ear, a thinking partner, a force for positive challenge, an ally in accountability – these are just some of the key ways I can help you whether you’re starting, scaling, growing or exiting your business .

As you seek out the best support, here are a few articles to help you on the journey:

However good your idea, it can still be pretty daunting to get going on new things. The trick is to Just Start.

Whatever your background, it’s worth thinking how you can be the Best Seller of yourself and your business.

Life as a founder can be a lonely and isolating business; One’s Company addresses the reality of this and Only Connect addresses one way you can keep going and keep growing your business.

Finally, a key part of long term success as a founder or growing business, especially in the current climate, is knowing when to doggedly persevere and when to adapt, pivot and change course. It’s so important, I’ve made up a word for it – flexiverance.