Equipping you to deliver change at work.

Workshops and programmes can be delivered virtually or onsite and are designed to help teams and organisations to develop a more collaborative and productive mind-set and behaviours informed by a coaching approach. Workshops on topics including Developing a Coaching Approach, Team Values and Purpose, Effective Goal Setting and Managing Challenging Conversations are a highly effective way for teams to learn to work together more effectively as well as for groups of leaders and managers to develop increased flexibility to meet and manage change successfully.

Workshops introduce key coaching skills and help participants set and achieve goals together, changing the way they work for the better and equipping them to deliver more for all their stakeholders. They are a cost efficient way of helping groups of leaders or team to grow in effectiveness and add more value.

Coaching Approach and Challenging Conversations workshops offer leaders and managers a great way to develop more effective people management skills.

Workshops can also function very effectively as a part of a tailored coaching programme for a team or group, with opportunities for one-to-one support for team or group members before and after the workshops.

Each workshop is adapted for the team or group who is taking part to ensure that it is as relevant and useful as possible in their particular context. Get in touch for further details.

“5 out of 5…a fantastic trigger point for planning.” (Coaching Approach Participant)

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