What clients say about the change they’ve seen

Image: Irina Shi

“I fundamentally know that your coaching has had a positive impact on me and therefore my team. Being awarded Business Leader of the Year at the Lending Awards 2019 has been the icing on the cake and something that your coaching helped me to achieve.”

“…listened, let me have the space to breathe and made me realise that I had the ability within myself ...”

“…I can’t thank you enough for your patience and your calm, considered approach, when I was deliberating life in a startup….”

“ I have gained confidence, belief in myself and clarity. I now feel equipped with the tools to deal with any adversity that I may face in my career…”

Image: Singleline

“…continued to push me in my personal development…”

“…gave me the time to focus on the challenges that I was experiencing when I first took on the role of CEO and continued to provide me with the required support over the time we worked together and beyond.

  “…Colleagues and peers have commented multiple times on my confidence and improved presentation skills when in front of a large audience…”

Image: Ahmad Safarudin

“…encouraged me to relish the opportunities that I am presented with, which is now exactly what I do…”

Image: Derplan13

“…it was such a useful opportunity for me to decide on career progress in the coming year…”

5/5…a fantastic trigger point for planning…”

Participant in Coaching Approach workshop

“5/5…it made me consider actionable goals…”

Participant in Coaching Approach workshop