Improve your performance by investing in your people

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As the last few years have shown more than ever, change is the only constant for any organisation, and investing in people is the best way to successfully meet the challenges and the opportunities which change brings.

We work together to enable you to engage, develop and retain your best people by equipping them to deliver more as individuals and as teams. You want your teams to perform as more than the sum of their parts, to collaborate more effectively and to deliver more for the organisation and for all your stakeholders. I deliver bespoke Team Coaching programmes and packages as well as various team workshops , both virtually and in person to help teams to achieve what they need to achieve and more. Teams I’ve worked with report increased results and motivation and every organisation I’ve worked with has re-engaged and recommended me for further work.

“Full marks…a fantastic trigger point for planning!”


Team Workshops

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Workshops are a highly effective way to help your team and organisation to develop a more clearer and more collaborative mind-set and culture, equipping them to work together to deliver measurable progress and success.

Workshops on topics including Leading Change, Effective Goal Setting, Challenging Conversations, Key Coaching SkillsMaking the Most of Feedback and Team Vision, Values and Purpose have been a highly effective way for teams to learn to work together more effectively as well as for groups of leaders and managers to develop and adapt their skills and approach.

Workshops introduce key coaching skills and help participants set and achieve goals together, equipping them to deliver more for all their stakeholders. They are a cost efficient way of helping groups of leaders or team to grow in effectiveness and add more value.


While workshops work well standalone, they have proved particularly effective for organisational clients as a part of a tailored programme with opportunities for follow up one-to-one coaching support for participants. I have designed and delivered a range of bespoke programmes including a team engagement and development programme for a technology business, a programme for developing the next generation of senior leaders at a leading educational organisation and a flagship internship programme to increase diversity and access for a defining media brand. Every programme has delivered beyond initial aims and expectations and has led to further work in these areas.

Each programme is built around the team or group taking part and is rooted in the organisational context to ensure that it delivers as much value as possible. Get in touch for further details.