Entrepreneurial? Curious about coaching? Here’s some food for thought…

Image: Irina Shi

  • The power of listening
    Good coaching is far more about our ears than about our mouths. What makes listening such a rare,
  • Who needs coaching?
    The answer is almost certainly not what you’d expect… The simple answer is no-one. No-one needs coaching. In
  • Great coaching isn’t magic. It’s much, much better.
    There’s nothing mystical about effective business coaching – just a purposeful partnership bringing about powerful progress A great
  • Just Start
    Don’t know where to start with an idea, project, business or plan? That’s all the more reason to
  • Only Connect
    No one can keep going long term as a lone-ranger. We all need people who keep us going
  • Best Seller
    Getting the work is part of the work. How do you keep up the momentum and keep selling
  • Flexiverance is a founder’s best friend
    Long term success with your own business requires both perseverance and flexibility. How do you stick to your
  • Listen up…
    Effective listening is at the heart of effective business – giving us data, insights and loyalty we’d otherwise
  • All Change! – Working through uncertainty with Kristen Walker
    Kristen Walker – brilliant career coach, co-founder of hugely successful business , Clarity on Fire, and all-round excellent
  • In full swing
    How do you manage the inevitable pendulum swings of running your own business? Do you jump on for

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