About me

I think almost everyone would benefit from this kind of coaching

Natasha widdess, coo, account technologies

Portrait by: Ryo Kaneyasu

I founded RWilliamsCoaching to help enterprising clients get the clarity and the results they want in their work and businesses. Whether they are founders, co-founders, leadership teams, organisations or individuals, the clients with whom I work best are committed to delivering significant change and radically improved results by thinking about and doing things differently.

From helping scaling businesses to develop new strategy to partnering with a founding team to develop a fit-for-market new product to getting alongside an individual navigating a major career transition, my clients can testify to transformed results as a result of our work together – my clients are happy to recommend me and 100% of my team and organisational clients have referred or re-engaged me for further projects. Clients especially value my help getting them from stuck to start to success.

What’s it like to work with you?

Here’s what my clients have to say – both individuals and teams. To get a sense of working with me, you can also read these articles or my newsletter, “To Be Clear…” to receive ideas and insights regularly (but not too frequently) on how to work with more clarity and effectiveness.

I am known for working collaboratively with my clients – onside but outside – bringing dynamic support, constructive challenge and creative perspective.

Our work is intensive – driving action and delivering results – but never intense; thought partnership rather than therapy. Each collaboration is bespoke and, together, we work out what’s most effective for you and your work or business.

With whom do you work and what kind of results do they see?

Whether they are teams, individuals or organisations, my clients tend to be at inflection points, seeking help to do something new or for the first time. I work with a range of organisations committed to investing in their people and to building successful and adaptable teams. I also work with individuals who are looking to make a change in their work or business.

The clients with whom I work get things done. They have grown their revenues, won industry awards, negotiated successful acquisitions, progressed to new roles, built more profitable, inclusive and resourceful businesses and found the clarity they need to succeed.

As a founder myself, I have a strong affinity and deep experience working with founders and founding teams as well as those who invest in them to help deliver increased value in high growth environments. I’ve co-authored new research on Effective Founder Support and helped build a community of coaches working with founders and investors in the UK and beyond. I have been invited to speak on founders and entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford and been featured as part of Enspire Oxford’s Wonder Women series.

What’s your story?

My background is in Investment Banking, Corporate Restructuring and Strategy Consulting as well as coaching leaders and teams in the not-for-profit, creative and education sectors. I have also designed and developed digital applications and platforms.

I work as an accredited coach and an accredited Mediator and my approach is further informed both by my practice and by continuous professional development with organisations such as Meyler Campbell, The Academy of Executive Coaching, Full Circle Coaching, World Business & Executive Coach Summit (for whom I act as a Coaching Facilitator) and The Society of Mediators.

I am a Special Advisor to Meyler Campbell and also act as an Advisor to and Guest Lecturer at Portobello Business Centre, where I founded the Business Coaching Helpdesk providing pro-bono and accessible Business and Strategy coaching to a diverse range of founder-led businesses and social enterprises.

I’ve been invited to speak to current and future female leaders at BroadMinded as well as at the Learning in Law annual conference at The Barbican.

Anything else?

I am the creator of ONION® – a coaching framework which has equipped a growing number of teams and individuals to get unstuck and to think and act more innovatively and effectively.

“…I can’t thank you enough for your patience and your calm, considered approach”

Emma Steeley, ChIEf executive, ARO